The set was ready and so were the cameras. The host Stacy was all game towards interviewing the “nation’s topmost beautiful, most gorgeous, most talented treasure!” with these being her exact words, and the members couldn’t have felt more overwhelmed.

With applause rustling all over the set from everyone including the members, the interview began on a good note. From talking about EXO’s latest album obsession to their personalities as EXO and X-EXO, who knew they’d come heart to heart on opening up about a lot more, as to how far their lives have changed and how they would like…

the number of immense praise(?) the cosmetic company is getting for their new marketing strategy has taken the nation by awe.

It’s true that the BLM movement spiked a turning point that shook the entire world. Even in a country where discrimination of color is practiced in one’s own family and home. Let’s break this down from scratch.

Fair & Lovely -> Glow and Lovely. What has changed apart from their new slogan and the advertisement? Nothing, their motive remains the same, “HD glow” “remove spots and blemishes” and most surprising of all — “unmatched glow”

I’m no one to…

Akhila Pendekanti

penning down thoughts, feelings and my evolution as a better person.

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