The set was ready and so were the cameras. The host Stacy was all game towards interviewing the “nation’s topmost beautiful, most gorgeous, most talented treasure!” with these being her exact words, and the members couldn’t have felt more overwhelmed.

With applause rustling all over the set from everyone including the members, the interview began on a good note. From talking about EXO’s latest album obsession to their personalities as EXO and X-EXO, who knew they’d come heart to heart on opening up about a lot more, as to how far their lives have changed and how they would like to now focus more on inner happiness. They would finally like to do what they feel like doing and if that ain’t closure, then what is!

The interviewer Stacy started off with a detailed yet positively flirty description of EXO’s latest LP ‘Obsession’ which brought the brightest shy smile on Suho’s lips.

Bearing the title as the leader of the most reputed K-Pop group in the world, he takes the initiative to speak well of their latest album describing the two faces of EXO and X-EXO and how the idea was brought together. While talking, he meticulously alters his gaze from the camera and back to Stacy, something that comes out of the vast industrial experience that can be appreciated for a lifetime.

Kai, on the other hand, is dressed to kill wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a Benjamin Moore Dark Beige overcoat. He patiently nods to what Suho has to say and occasionally agrees in response with his eyes focused on the floor as if contemplating his next fashionista airport look.

Meanwhile, Baekhyun can’t seem to get his eyes off Suho as if openly admiring his beauty and modesty both at the same time. His soft white bangs almost covering up his droopy eyes give out the most adorable look he has ever carried while innocently looking around and inspecting his surroundings.

At the back, there’s Chen sitting on the tall stools between Chanyeol and Sehun looking preciously microscopic because of his tiny appearance compared to the other two. Just like the scene is right out of a Japanese Manga where Chen is a pure virtuous friend to Sehun and Chanyeol and they would go against all odds to protect him. Yes, Exactly that!

Getting back to the interview, Chanyeol is wearing his round glasses that almost cover up his entire face and in a white winter sweater, he stares intently into the camera with a poker face as if communicating to the viewers with his eyes. Whereas Chen and Sehun, in the beginning, seemed quite distracted with their eyes off the set, probably looking at their temporary manager?(Jang Sung Gyu reference ya’ll! >-<)

All the members seemed ecstatic when Stacy was throwing facts about their performances and when asked about which member suits X-EXO the most. This time Baekhyun took the lead to answer. Probably pulling off all his experience as a leader of the newest supergroup - SumerM. Without much thought, he answers Kai which makes the latter blush while his cheeks paint red.

Baekhyun boldly answers that he’s X-EXO in his private life too which sets a wave of laughter among the members and also the host. Well, Chen completely agrees to X-EXO Baekhyun, says he resembles an animated character and Stacy couldn’t agree less.

Baekhyun’s face chain yet again made an appearance as a hot topic and his face lit up like a starry sky when Stacy compared his look to the lord of the rings character and all the members playfully whined that she has complimented him enough.

The members are now relaxed in their seats and seemed a little more at ease while talking and looked genuinely happy while doing so.

They laugh a little more all while sharing their individual opinion of each other’s appearances as EXO and X-EXO.

When Kai took his turn to intently explain why Suho suits X-EXO the most cause of his unexpected wild look, Suho on the other side was endearingly caressing Baekhyun’s ear for no alternative motive. Baekhyun adorably shied away but gained back composure right after.

When the topic moved to the upper row Chanyeol talks about his opening act and why he was the chosen one for the choreography and Chen sitting right beside him obediently holds the mic for him while he speaks and occasionally looks at Chanyeol as if wordlessly giving him his support while he spills out the fun they had during filming their latest album.

Baekhyun couldn’t help but stare at Chanyeol with doe eyes as if admiring every detail he had to say about their practice session.

Chen and Suho’s melodic bridge was an ice breaker when Chen expressed his views with great attention. Suho being the understanding leader that he is, lets Chen take the cue while he keenly looks at the interviewer. Chen speaks out his thoughts as to how challenging it was this time during obsession. When the choreography and high notes come hand in hand he says it is quite possible to master it after a fair amount of practice and he also adds that he’s quite used to it by now.

Meanwhile, Suho’s attention shifts to Baekhyun he finds him casually dancing in his seat with his head down and Suho can’t seem to take his eyes off him.

After a brief about the number of achievements and awards they won, a short silence followed upon being asked what they would like to achieve further. Kai being the spirited makne quickly answered from the bottom of his heart. “We would work towards being happy with each other along with our fans” said Kai, as if indirectly specifying that’s the most important value for an artist. Living a stress free life without being bothered by charts or numbers and just happily spending time with their fans is something they look forward to as a group hereafter.

Baekhyun talks about traveling with the members and creating memories in spite of their busy schedules. Referring to their previous reality show Travel the world on EXO’s ladder he says he doesn’t want it to be as short and would want to travel even more to get even closer with each other.

The boys continue talking about how fairly each of them has changed since their debut and cherished their old days. How they are more at ease with their fans and are able to be themselves. They share their views on how they have come a long way with their fans and how they miss them every now and then. They have become stronger if not mature than before and how their perspective on certain things has developed, adds Chanyeol.

Sehun who has been vaguely silent all the time apart from joking around once a while now talks earnestly this time agreeing to what the members have said previously. He’s sentimentally thankful towards his members that they have come a long way. He also adds that how each member is important to him in his life and how he has come to accept them individually.

In conclusion to their speech, they all applaud once again while Stacy coos that EXO is the best family and not just any boy group. The members still seemed to be in their own emotional world so Sehun joked around to lighten the mood saying Suho not to cry and Suho went along with the makne’s mischief pretending to wipe away his fake tears and everyone then seemed to smoothly earth back.

EXO talked about their routine before going on stage and they teasingly call out Suho for doing his workout pushups to bust up his muscle. The set is lively again as Suho admits to his new regime.

While Sehun says he used to pray before going on stage but doesn’t do it anymore, Chen again holds the mic for him looking at Sehun lovingly as he speaks. Sehun intertwined his fingers as if praying and looked up to apologize to god while the others laughed at him for his comical shenanigan. During all this, Baekhyun quietly tries to loosen his torn jeans even more near his knees while Chanyeol most certainly didn’t miss out on speaking of his zipper incident at an SM town concert!

When getting back to the MV, they all talk about how each other’s powers played a major role in the MV and how the CG suits almost every scene while they cheerfully argue among themselves as to how their superpowers in the MV could be tackled. Kai also goes ahead and says if they were gonna be this childish! and Chanyeol as the competitive member that he is quickly agrees to Kai and Chen sweetly says “Yes, It’s like this” justifying their tiny quarrel while the others laugh and Sehun pouts like a sleepy unbothered baby.

Lastly, they wrap it off by playing a relay where they share a memory about the member sitting beside them, and Baekhyun getting the hang of it starts off by talking about the bubble tea Suho bought him when they first met. He also particularly specifies how he disliked it but drank it all just to show his gratitude towards his hyung. Suho laughs out loud along with the other members remembering this simple yet hysterical moment.

Kai and Suho lived together and Suho talks about how he gave him strength through his tough times throughout the beginning of 2019.

Kai goes way back to Kokobop era when he and Chanyeol had a heart to heart conversation about their members, lives, and future and as he looks back at Chanyeol, he sees the latter spacing out and teases him saying that he doesn’t remember anything. Chanyeol robotically replies that he does and continues to acknowledge whatever Kai has to say.

Chanyeol continues with his poker face and is speechless when it comes to talking about Chen. The members tease him saying there might be nothing interesting and Chen is still smiling like sunshine waiting for him to reply. Chanyeol finally looks straight at the camera and says that there are so many things to talk about and all the members crack up with Kai clapping his hands like a baby seal.

Chanyeol says how his friendship with Chen has blossomed over the years especially since their reality show where they hung out together. They also went out to drink and have sashimi together and Chanyeol also shows off the ring that Chen bought him for his birthday. While Chanyeol was pouring out his heart, there’s Baekhyun who was quietly fiddling with Sehun’s fingers making it almost flirtatiously obvious. Sehun just goes along with whatever his hyung wants to do as if completely being used to it.

While it’s Chen’s turn to talk, it practically seemed like a private conversation between him and the makne when he said it was his first time going out to the bathhouse with a member and Sehun didn’t quite believe him.

Sehun, when he said that he and Beaekhyun share the same blood group, he compliments him in every aspect and the members teasingly say that he’s indirectly praising himself and the sassy makne didn’t even deny.

At the end, they were asked to give their final message to their fans and Suho as the responsible leader concluded with his sweet message and the rest of the members fondled him with coos of cute~ and sweet~ endearments leaving the brightest smile on his face.

They all give their final greeting and when Stacy asked them to do it in both EXO and X-EXO style, Kai seemed the most hyped.

Their EXO greeting was their usual “we are one” routine and when it came to X-EXO they casually used an informal speech and Kai drooped in his chair with his left leg over his right.

Chanyeol even went off the frame without a word.

Chen and Sehun tried to sit in the baddest angle possible and yet still managed to look beautiful.

And that was a wrap as they continue to walk out as X-EXO. Well, EXO seems to enjoy roleplaying their X-EXO version more than anything, leaving the host in a fit of laughter.

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