Social Shopping Is The New Normal

74% of consumers say that they are now more influenced to shop via social media than they were before the pandemic, and 70% cite clothing as one of the product categories they shop for most on social media

-Mckinsey State of Fashion 2022

As social platforms are increasingly augmented with advanced technology, social media is fast becoming a preferred way of shopping and interacting with brands. Fashion is the largest single category sold via social media in the US, as well as the leading category for livestream events, suggesting that brands will find consumers willing to shop on these channels.

200 million Snapchat users interact with AR in the app every day.

-According to Snap Inc

To connect brands with consumers, global social media giants are doubling down on developing in-app shopping experiences. Snapchat is applying its augmented reality capabilities to enable users to virtually try on clothes and accessories from brands such as Prada and Piaget, and TikTok has been expanding commerce partnerships and functionality, testing livestreamed shopping with select brands.



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Akhila Pendekanti

Akhila Pendekanti

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