The Glow & Lovely Conspiracy

the number of immense praise(?) the cosmetic company is getting for their new marketing strategy has taken the nation by awe.

It’s true that the BLM movement spiked a turning point that shook the entire world. Even in a country where discrimination of color is practiced in one’s own family and home. Let’s break this down from scratch.

Fair & Lovely -> Glow and Lovely. What has changed apart from their new slogan and the advertisement? Nothing, their motive remains the same, “HD glow” “remove spots and blemishes” and most surprising of all — “unmatched glow”

I’m no one to say if their formulas changed, that’s up to the user to decide. But this brand has been coming up with gender stereotypes ever since 30 years or more.

Why does any company, brand or product has to say how we’re supposed to look? 30 years ago it was fair… and now for another 30 more, it’s going to be glow. Will there be an end to this? And now, it’s not just about the color.

A human has a state of mind that is capable of being a lot of things. And always having to be fair or to be glowing doesn’t have to be the topmost concern.

Every human body is different from its own. I learned this the hard way. Battling PCOS for years now, blemishes that also result in dark spots are all part of my internal hormonal imbalances that are not really in anybody’s hands, not even mine. Nobody knows the reason why they occur but sadly as humans, we have to face them. Applying external creams will only make us feel pressured into unacceptance of ourselves and the trauma our internal body is going through.

We need to learn to embrace our bodies, and applying contradictory external treatments will make us feel even worse. How would we have a glow when we feel so suffocated on the inside? When we have constant trouble to always be our best and look our best to make things work. And it's high time the cosmetic brands understand that.

PCOS comes with a lot of problems that are not just on the face, it affects our mental health to an extent that we don’t even realize it. It gives us anxiety, depression, acne, increased insulin levels that result in higher testosterone levels that further lead to excess hair growth all over the body including the face, hair loss, cyst in the ovaries, and a lot more. And while going through all this, expecting to have a glowing skin is far beyond our reach. And how do you expect an ex-fairness (because apparently now they’re a ‘glowness’ company) company to deliver that externally when all this is happening internally?

When you glow, it’s all about your state of mind being calm, at peace, and healthy with the required blood flow to all the right places of the body. That’s when you’ll have the most beautiful glow, nature’s gift.

And now, you might be thinking, how can we stay calm? how can we achieve peace? It’s not possible. Yes, I’m being brutally honest, unless you’re a human completely devoted to meditation in the Himalayas, it’s not possible, and you know what, that’s completely okay. We, humans, go through a lot of emotional instability. We can not have control over our mind and body all the time so the least we can do is embrace it. No one needs to tell us that glowing skin is what’s important.

You can be angry, sad, hurt, and it’s okay to show such emotions of human nature on your face and when you feel all this, let me tell you, your face isn't glowing. It's about time for all living beings to normalize acceptance of emotional distress to be shown out. We can’t always be glowing, in fact, this commercial is still trying to strategize themselves with yet another targetted stereotype that is going to leave the people of this nation to always think that a glowing face is all that’s needed and wanted.

When will the people of this country or even the world start accepting the natural form of their habitat? That acne is okay, it’s something to deal with internally and not really in our hands. Nobody has to blame oneself for having blemishes, scars, freckles, or a dull face when you’re having a bad day because that’s what makes you human and that’s okay. And nobody has to feel the need to make them vanish in order to look bright and beautiful/handsome. We’re all brilliant in our own way and let’s not let any brand or marketing strategy make us think otherwise.

love to all.